401 Unauthorized error when accessing Issue from metadata manager

I know the Metadata Manager will be sunset, but since there isn’t an alternative tool yet we still rely on it to deposit DOIs. Unfortunately, after editing the data of some articles in our latest issue, I can’t seem to deposit them anymore.

The issue seems to be related to, well, the issue, as trying to access it yields the following HTTP error

1. Request URL:


2. Request Method:


3. Status Code:

401 Unauthorized

4. Remote Address:

5. Referrer Policy:


And the response is

This request requires HTTP authentication.

Something seems to be wrong here, any way I could resolve this?

Hi Thomas,

There has always been an alternative. Metadata Manager’s beta version was introduced as a potential replacement for our older (yet far more stable) manual metadata deposit tool, Web Deposit Form. The Web Deposit Form is still available for use and won’t be removed anytime soon.

We are working on a new manual metadata deposit tool which will have some more user-friendly features and a modern interface like Metadata Manager, but without some of the more resource-intensive features that we were unable to maintain stably.

But, in the meanwhile, if you’re having trouble with Metadata Manager, we’d encourage you to use Web Deposit Form instead. You can find instructions and documentation for that tool here.

All that said, this may suggest an issue with your account’s permissions. If you email us at support@crossref.org with your username and DOI prefix, we’ll be happy to check on that for you.


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