Annoying issues with Web Deposit form

I use the Web Deposit form (CrossRef - DOI Deposit Form) to submit article DOIs. Since it’s been updated in the last few months, it has a few annoying things happening.

  1. When tabbing to complete the form, if I hit tab after completing the First Page field, it tabs to the Add Another Article button instead of the Last Page field. I have to be very careful and manually click into the Last Page field to complete the form correctly.
  2. When I click on Finish, I get a new screen that prompts for my Crossref login (username and password). Then I go to an older-style screen asking for my email. I didn’t used to have to complete two forms to complete my deposit, and I don’t see why these can’t be combined into one screen.
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Hi @lysoncenter ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to our community forum.

I appreciate you taking time to write up this issue. See my comments about each below.

  1. The tabbing - I have opened a Gitlab issue with our technical team; I could see how that would be a problem. Let me see if we can get that fixed for you.

  2. This one isn’t as straightforward. On the first prompt, we are requesting your Crossref login to authorize the submission. The second request for your email is the address we insert into the <email_address> element of the XML you have created in the web deposit form. We use this email to send submission log results (so you can determine if the submission itself was successful or has errors in it). Not all our members use the same email addresses for their credentials and the email address where these submission log messages are sent. That’s why we have two separate prompts for this.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,

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