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Is it possible to change the affiliation in cross ref?
I wrote an article as an independent researcher and the magazine accepted my article in the same way and did not find any problems, but during the proofing process, they applied academic affiliation to me, while I provided my explanations both in the initial files and during editing. Contrary to the correspondence I had with the relevant officials, they did not pay attention.
Considering that it is written in the cross mark section that
Any future updates will be listed below
Please, if possible, help to correct my affiliation.

Yours sincerely

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Hi @hsaeideh :wave: Thanks for posting to the CrossRef forum!

I suspect that the publisher will have to update the metadata - I am part of a publishing organization myself and I would expect the request to run through us. Although I understand in your scenario, that may not be the most helpful as they did not pay attention to your input!

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Thank you @chartgerink. I am the publisher. How do I update the metadata? any guidance on that please?

Hi @pastory,
if you are publisher, then you have CrossRef credentials and can update info for that article via CrossRef - DOI Deposit Form
Just enter again all metadata and it will be changed.

Thanks @lazar let me try that

Hi @pastory ,

Are you an official contact that can make metadata changes for this DOI 10.32598/JROSJ.9.1.855.1 (Negah Scientific Publisher)?


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Hi Isaac,

No, that’s not us.

Julie Myers
Production Editor
International Ocean Discovery Program
JOIDES Resolution Science Operator
Texas A&M University
1000 Discovery Drive
College Station, TX 77845


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Hi sir
No we are not

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Dear Isaac,

do not know that publisher.

This prefix 10.32598 is not in my list.

Best wishes

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Hello. Sorry, this article does not belong to me.

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Thanks all for confirming! I have previously written the official contacts that we have on record for prefix 10.32598 and asked them to investigate. That is typically how we handle requests like these from @hsaeideh . Unfortunately, Crossref does not register, update, edit, or correct publisher-provided metadata directly, so I’d need the member to review and confirm the metadata improvement requested in this thread.