Depositing a batch of DOI references

Dear Crossref team @ifarley @Shayn

We would like to upload and deposit a complete batch of DOI references for a journal with more than 2000 articles but we are not sure what could be the best method in order to do it quickly and easily.

Do you have any ideas to do that?.

We usually deposit references using Simple Text Query , but certainly we can not do it this way for the 2000 articles.

I would really appreciate any suggestion.


Hi Asoto,

Apologies for the delayed response. We’ve had some of our ambassadors testing the community forum here by providing example questions to seed the space. I missed this one among those test examples.

We have seen an increase in large matching requests via the STQ (mostly from our book publishers) and have recently increased the maximum size of these matching requests, but that increase is still not accommodating all of our members, as you can attest to. Apologies for that. We are currently discussing the best way to accommodate large matching requests of this type, but, unfortunately, we don’t have a clean way of accomplishing your large match at this time.

The system allows a file size of 30kb so anything over that would cause errors. If you can split the articles into smaller chunks (closer to 30kb in total size) you’ll have better results.

Please let me know how else I can help.



Hello again, Asoto,

We have released improvements to the Simple Text Query form over the last couple weeks. I think you’ll be happy to learn that we removed the character limit altogether (it was previously set to a maximum of 30,000 characters) and instead are just looking at the number of references per submission. We now provide space for 1,000 references per submission, which should accommodate your large reference lists.

You can read all about our improvements here: And, you can try out the enhancements for yourself here:

Let us know what you think!