Dissertation submission


I’m a independent researcher, and would like to submit my dissertation to open depository for wider reach. I’m wondering whether I can submit in Cross ref? Can i get an DOI for the same?


Hi Sherin,

Welcome to the Crossref forum!

Crossref is a trade organization so individuals are unfortunately ineligible for membership and unable to register DOIs and deposit metadata directly. A small number of universities and colleges register DOIs for their students’ theses/disseratations but this may not be very useful if you are an independent researcher and/or your institution does not register DOIs for student-authored works.

That’s one problem. The other issue is that Crossref isn’t a repository for articles/books/dissertations. Rather, we are a repository for member-submitted metadata about those articles/books/dissertations, which is all the metadata associated with a DOI.

If you’re looking to host your dissertation on a repository that will assign a DOI, you may consider one of two options (though I can’t guarantee these are your only options):

I hope one of these options can be useful to you. If you have any other questions, we’re always happy to help answer them!


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