DOI Number and Title not found in DOI Crossref web

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I see a number of successful registrations made from your msdp role today. For instance, your most recent submission to the web deposit was for DOI 10.37179/rijpms.000001. Your DOI was registered successfully within 20 seconds of submission.

You can tell that the DOI has been registered because the DOI link - - is resolving to the landing page (or, resolution URL) you included in the web deposit form.

Comparatively, if the DOI had not been successfully registered, the DOI link would be resolving to a DOI NOT FOUND error on, that would look like this:

You would have also received an email to the email address you included in the web deposit form that included this submission log:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<doi_batch_diagnostic status="completed" sp="ds5">
   <record_diagnostic status="Success">
      <msg>Successfully updated in handle</msg>
   <record_diagnostic status="Success">
      <msg>Successfully added</msg>

While this is a message in XML, you can see at the bottom of the message that two DOIs were submitted - your journal-title-level DOI (10.37179/rijpms) and your journal-article-level DOI (10.37179/rijpms.000001). Both were registered successfully (i.e., success count equals two).

So, your 10.37179/rijpms.000001 has indeed been registered. If you are looking for the DOI in our REST API or within, you should know there are lags in the indexing process after a DOI is successfully registered. It can take us up to 24 hours for a newly registered DOI to be indexed in all of our APIs (and within

Since it has already been a few hours, you can see that the DOI is already present in our XML API, at this link:

Please let me know if you have additional questions,

Note: In the image below (a screenshot of recent submissions made by the msdp role), you can see that a number of .pdf files have been submitted. We do not accept .pdf files. To register metadata records with Crossref, you must submit .xml files formatted to the Crossref schema. If you are looking for example XML files, here’s a great place to start: