DOI submission error


I submitted a number and received an error saying that the name of the author of an article is too long (more than 60).
Here is the submission ID : 1625241011
Could you please help me ?

Many thanks.

Hello, and thanks for your question.

It looks like you entered an institution name “Association MĂ©dico-chirurgicale de Gastro-EntĂ©rologie de Madagascar” in the person author Last Name field. This isn’t correct.

“Person contributor” with First Name and Last Name should only be used for individual people.

Individual people’s names are limited to 60 characters, specifically to prevent situations like this.

If Association MĂ©dico-chirurgicale de Gastro-EntĂ©rologie de Madagascar is an organizational/group author of the paper, then please enter it into the “Organization contributor” field, not in the “Person contributor” field.

If Association MĂ©dico-chirurgicale de Gastro-EntĂ©rologie de Madagascar is not an organizational/group author, but rather the institutional affiliation of an individual person author, then you’ll need to omit it entirely. Unfortunately, the Web Deposit Form does not support affiliation metadata at this time.


Hello Shany,

Thank you so much for your response.
You are right, Association MĂ©dico-chirurgicale de Gastro-EntĂ©rologie de Madagascar is the “Organization contributor”
What do I have to do to change the name? The submission already has an Submission ID : 1625241009


Hello Shayn,
Sorry for this mistake about your name

Hi Primo,

No problem.

The fix is simple, but not necessarily easy. You’ll need to resubmit that metadata deposit with the author name in the correct field. The most straightforward way to do that is to go back to the Web Deposit Form and re-enter all the metadata.

I know that can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is typically the most foolproof way to go about it.

However, if you’re comfortable editing XML and have suitable software to do it, you can open the copy of the XML file that was emailed to you after your recent deposit, and manually correct the the author metadata for that article from this:

<person_name sequence="first" contributor_role="author">
<surname>Association Médico-chirurgicale de Gastro-Entérologie de Madagascar</surname>

to this:

<organization sequence="first" contributor_role="author">Association Médico-chirurgicale de Gastro-Entérologie de Madagascar</organization>

Then you can save the file and submit it by manual upload to our admin system, as shown here:

Again, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that second option. There’s a lot of room for error when editing xml by hand, and it might well end up taking more time if you need to try and fix it more than once.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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