DOIs are not unique...?

Newbie here, I searched but could not find anything about this.
If I input the following DOI into the metadata search box on the main page of CrossRef, I get over 5 million results! I expected a single one (or zero, but not more than one). Are DOIs not unique?

// Jocke

Hi @OppfinnarJocke ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the Community Forum. DOIs are indeed unique. Which DOI are you searching for?


I tried to post it, but I was told that I was not allowed to have links in the post, so I removed it and put a text about that between < and > but that failed too, I see now. So, I am not sure how to post the DOI here, maybe if I do like this then: h t t p s : / / d o i . o r g / 1 0 . 1 0 0 7 / s 1 0 6 2 6 - 0 2 3 - 0 0 3 7 8 - 8 (obviously it should be without all the blanks) I hope that goes through (is there no way to preview?)
// Jocke

Cool. Thanks, Jocke. I’ve upgraded your account so you can post links now. You can always reference a DOI with only the prefix and suffix as well, like this: 10.1007/s10626-023-00378-8. Alternatively, we call the DOI as an actionable link, the DOI link.

I’m not sure where you were searching, but if you search for this DOI in our search interface - - I do get a single result:

You can also retrieve the full metadata registered for this DOI in our APIs:

XML API: [results in XML format]

REST API: [results in JSON format]

My best,

OK, thank you very much.
I input the DOI in the metadata search box in the first page that appears for Here
That gave me 5,925,009 results

(And I found the preview, it is on the right, was blocked by a pane giving hints on how to write posts)

Thanks again,
// Jocke

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I see. Thanks for clarifying, Jocke. Yes, you have to click the right-half of that pane in order to launch metadata search.

We’re always happy to help,

I do not think that we are talking about the same thing here. The metadata search in that search box was no problem, expect that it gave over 5 million hits. What I meant when mentioning the “right pane” was the preview of the post that I am typing. This preview is hidden under a yellow-greenish box to the right of where I am now typing my posting. I have to close that to see the preview of my posting as I edit.

Over and out :slight_smile:
// Jocke

Thanks for clarifying!