Don't receive submission ID in XML deposit using HTTPS POST

I’m testing Crossref XML via posting API with curl command. I tested API with bellow comand :

curl -F 'operation=doDOIQueryUpload' -F 'login_id=...' -F 'login_passwd=...' -F 'fileName=@/home/mohamad/Downloads/journal.xml'

And then I receive bellow HTML:

        <p>Your batch submission was successfully received.</p>

So, How do I get the submission ID with the curl command??

Hello @mohamad,

Welcome to the forum.

You wouldn’t get the submission ID from the response headers, if you are looking to retrieve the submission log via HTTPS you would need to query against the doi_batch_id or the file_name elements.

More information that can be found here: Submission queue and log - Crossref

Hopefully that should help with retrieving the submission logs programmatically.



Thanks for your answering.

I have another question:
After I registered the metadata, I tested the submission query via HTTPS to retrieve logs.


But I see this error as response: Login info is not formatted correctly

How do I resolve the above error?