Error on DOI registration

Dear support team,

I’m Alua, a literary editor of the Scientific Journal of Astana IT University. I am currently experiencing difficulties with the registration of DOI. There is an error in the XML file “error on line 540 at column 195: PCDATA invalid Char value 2”. The XML file is attached.

I am reaching out to seek your assistance in resolving this issue.
crossref-20240112-162655-articles-1.xml (43,0 КБ)

Hello @AluaKurmatova,

Thanks for sending over that file.

It looks like there is a special character (Unicode: 0x2) in the abstract which is causing the error with the deposit.

I have removed these special characters from the file and attached it here. Hopefully you can try depositing this with more success.

If you get this error message again then you can find and replace the above character deleting it.

I hope this helps and if you have any further question or queries on this then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

crossref-20240112-162655-articles-1_edit.xml (43.0 KB)