Help Needed: Resolving "line does not contain two tokens" Error

My submissions are being rejected with the error message: “line does not contain two tokens.” According to the submission guidelines, each record should include a DOI followed by a URL, separated by a space.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been submitting:

10.621xx/apemr.1.1.0001 new address

Has anyone here faced this before? Any insights into what “two tokens” the system is expecting or how to properly format the submission would be greatly appreciated.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<doi_batch_diagnostic status=“completed” sp=“ds5”>
<record_diagnostic status=“Failure”>
10.621xx/apemr.1.1.0001 new address
line does not contain two tokens


Thanks for your message.

The reason that your deposit is failing is because you need to use a tab between the DOI and the new address. In your file, there are several spaces instead of a tab.

Please try it again using a tab, and this should work.

Thank you,

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