How to fix errors ? Please help me

Hello technical support, I need your help. I downloaded files in .XML format in my OJS platform ( where there is a CrossRef XML Export Plugin and sent it to the Crossref web platform in my personal account to receive DOI for everyone. I added 11 files, 1 successful, 10 there are errors, I am sending you their Crossref Errors ID numbers
Can you correct the errors, please help.

Hello, and thanks for your message.

Each time a given DOI is updated, our system requires that the value in the xml is numerically larger than the previous submission’s . The purpose of this is to prevent someone from accidentally overwriting newer metadata with older metadata, if they happen to submit an outdated xml file.

Ensuring that each timestamp is numerically higher than the last is typically accomplished by using a standard date-time format to construct the timestamp when the xml files are created.

However, different systems use different date-time formats, so when a DOI needs to be updated by a different organization than the one that first registered or last updated it, or if you’re using a different system to produce the xml, there can be instances where a smaller timestamp value is used after a larger one. This will cause the deposit to fail.

We can reset the timestamp when necessary, after a title transfer or system change, etc. If you can send me a list of DOIs that need to be reset, I’ll change their timestamps to something smaller. Then, you can proceed with your update submissions.

If you ever need to check the most recent timestamp for a given DOI, you can find it in the previous metadata deposits, the xml api record, or the depositor report for the relevant journal.

Also, please note, if your xml is constructed in a way that you’re repeating the same DOI multiple times in a single deposit, this will always result in a timestamp error for all but the first instance. This is okay, and you can ignore the error in that case as long as the metadata is accurate and up to date.


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Thank you very much for timely support, I did as you suggested to fix the error, fixed it and it works without errors

ср, 19 июн. 2024 г. в 14:07, Evans Atoni via Crossref Community Forum <>:

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