If your organization’s contact details have changed, please let us know

When an organization first joins Crossref as a member, you provide us with your organization name, mailing address, billing address, and a name and email address for the “billing contact” and “secondary billing contact” at your organization - these are the people at your organization who need to have access to our payment portal and who will be sent your invoices. We often ask if there’s a generic email address that we can use for this (eg invoices@, billing@, ap@), so this address won’t change if a single person leaves your organization.

Each January, every Crossref member is sent their annual membership fee for the forthcoming year, and most Crossref members are sent a content registration invoice for content they registered in Q4 of the previous year.

To make sure we have the correct information on these invoices, and to make sure that we send them to the right person, we email the Primary contact on all member accounts in October to ask you to confirm that we have the correct name, address and billing contacts for your organization. This makes sure that we’ve been able to make all the required updates to your details in plenty of time before we send out your invoices in January. This October is no different, and we emailed all the Primary contacts on all member accounts to ask for updates. We received around 620 emails from members to update their details.

In future, we hope to create a self-service portal where members can update their own account information. But at the moment, you do need to let us know if something changes.

If your organization didn’t hear from us this year, and you think that we hold out-of-date information for you, please do contact our membership team.

Here’s more information about the updates we’d like to receive, including the different roles we hold on each member account, and what these roles do.