ISSN has already been assigned, issn is assigned to another title

Hello @mirlanet ,

Consistency with the journal titles being sent in your registration attempts is important. I wrote in great detail about this in this forum post: Ticket of the month - October 2023 - Dispelling pesky journal-title-level registration errors

The journal title that was previously registered by the member Kyrgyz-Uzbek International University named after B. Sydykov (10.54834) for ISSN 16945220 was: Science. Education. Engineering

As you can see from my screenshot, that journal title was registered for all of the 211 DOIs registered for that journal. Thus, our system is expecting that future submissions will also use this journal title. In submission 1610148440, the journal title submitted to us with ISSN 16945220 was: Наука. Образование. Техника

Since those journal titles do not match exactly, we failed the registration attempt.

The journal title in our admin tool that we use for checking new registrations against has been updated from Science. Education. Engineering to Наука. Образование. Техника as requested, so you’ll be able to use the new journal title in your submissions going forward.

I have also successfully reprocessed submission 1610148440. The DOI in that submission - 10.54834/16945220_2023_2_5 - has been successfully registered, as you can see by resolving the DOI link:

Please note, this will not change the journal title metadata in the metadata records for any of that journal’s previously registered DOIs. If you wish to update any DOI metadata, you’ll need to submit new metadata deposits and the newly deposited metadata will overwrite any previously deposited metadata. There is no fee for metadata updates.

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