Issue regarding "DOI NOT FOUND"

Hope everyone is doing well.
The problem that we encounter:
While searching any article with the DOI, it is shown an error. There are 86 articles in our journal, but only one is figuring out properly with DOI link.

the DOI prefix: 10.62304

Properly showing:

Not showing
There are 84 other articles with same issue.

Can you help us for that?

Hello, and thanks for your question.

If your DOIs haven’t been registered, that can only mean one of two things.

  1. Either you never submitted the metadata deposit(s) to register those DOIs

  2. Or, you submitted the metadata deposit(s), but they failed due to some kind of XML formatting or metadata discrepancy error.

If you believe you have submitted metadata deposits to register the missing DOIs, please provide me with the submission ID numbers or copy of the submission logs for those deposits. Each should contain a relevant error message that points to why the deposit failed to register your DOIs. I’ll be happy to investigate further, with that information.

I may be wrong here, but it looks like your journal is published using PKP’s OJS software. If that’s the case, then there may be a problem with the settings in your Crossref XML Export Plugin. As a first step, please refer to the OJS documentation for that plugin.


Dear Shayn, Thank You very much for your reply.

I am receiving following meta data after completion of successful deposition:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<doi_batch_diagnostic status=“completed” sp=“ds3.crossreforg”>
<record_diagnostic status=“Failure” msg_id=“22”>
all doi’s under the current journal element
ISSN “28342739” has already been assigned, issn (28342739) is assigned to another title (GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL OF ARTS LITERATURE HISTORY & EDUCATION)

Can You please give me more insights regarding of this problem?
It has become an urgent case from our side.

Dear Shyan,

I have figured out our core problem.
Title of our journal is “GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL”, instead “GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL OF ARTS LITERATURE HISTORY & EDUCATION” is issued under the issn (28342739) number due to some reason.

Can you please share the procedure to issue “GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL” under the the issn (28342739) number?

Thank you for those details.

When you first deposit metadata for a given journal, the journal-level metadata (journal title, ISSN(s), journal-level DOI if you choose to include one, and the publisher/DOI prefix) are used to form a title record for that journal in our system. All future deposits for that journal must match that title record exactly.

The title in our system based on your previous metadata deposits is:

The title in your recent attempted metadata deposit is:

So, that explains why the deposit failed.

Are you saying that you’re going to resubmit the metadata with the journal title as just “GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL” going forward?

I’ve made that change to our title record. Just be sure to only enter the journal title as “GLOBAL MAINSTREAM JOURNAL” in all your metadata deposits with ISSN 28342739.


Thank You very much, Shayn. Our problem is solved successfully with our desired expectation.
We were worried about the probable solution.
You have solved the issue the way we are wanted to!

Thank You very much for your cooperation and support in the last 2-3 days

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