Issue with XML deposit using HTTPS POST


I’m having trouble with the XML deposit using HTTPS POST function. Running out of a FIleMaker database, we can get it to post a file, but the file name is coming through as just ‘File’ with no way for us to edit it or change the syntax to send a different file name.

Sending with the following CURL Options uploads the file with file name ‘file’

 -F "operation=doQueryUpload"
-F "login_id=<loginid>" 
-F "login_passwd=<pw>" 
-F "fname=@$file" 

Changing the $file variable to anything else causes us to get a 400 response error.
For example:

 -F "operation=doQueryUpload"
-F "login_id=<loginid>" 
-F "login_passwd=<pw>" 
-F "fname=@test" 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @cbeall ,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum! Glad you’re here.

It looks like you are retaining the @ in the transaction. That’s correct. Several members have contacted us about use of the @ in the above sample transaction; it should be retained prior to the FILENAME.

Thus, I assume your transaction looks like this and that you have reviewed the documentation here:

curl -F 'operation=doQueryUpload' -F 'login_id=USERNAME' -F 'login_passwd=PASSWORD' -F 'fname=@ftest' https://

It is not required that the filename be unique, since we will provide each of your submissions with a unique submission ID.