Metadata Manager Beta

Dear Ambassadors and Crossref Team,

what are your experiences with Metadata Manager Beta which worked perfectly and from this year stopped? Metadata Manager is being sunset in 2022. Metadata Manager Beta was very easy for works and now many publishers have problems depositing metadata correctly.
What is the reason for canceling Metadata Manager Beta and is there a possibility to be active again?


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Hi Lazar,

Thanks for your question. We do intend to sunset Metadata Manager, though not until we’ve got a new tool in place so that Metadata Manager users can make the transition (see the update to the blog post here). After a new tool is in place for six months, we’ll sunset Metadata Manager. You can continue to use Metadata Manager, with the caveat that we aren’t making any bug fixes to it, so that we can direct our resources toward the new tool. We’re nearing completion of the tool to support grant registration, but haven’t yet started on support for journal article registration.

This blog post should give some more context for the decision to sunset. In short, Metadata Manager isn’t flexible for us to easily and quickly add other content types or support updates to our schema. We’ve rethought the approach and are building a tool that will be easier to expand upon and better support the needs of the community.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions.