New version of iThenticate - update for peer review management system users

A new version of iThenticate was launched in September and we have been working with our partners at Turnitin and service providers of peer review management systems to ensure a smooth transition.

EJournalPress is the first peer review management system to have successfully completed its integration with the new version of iThenticate. It is currently being tested by one Crossref member and we’ll soon be inviting more eJournalPress users to upgrade.

Morressier completed its integration in the summer and is being used by one Similarity Check user.

We are currently working with the providers of the following peer review management systems:

  • Editorial Manager - development work in progress
  • EDAS - development work in progress
  • OJS - exploratory stage
  • ScholarOne - exploratory stage, integration scheduled for 2022 (date to be confirmed)
  • OmniPress - exploratory stage
  • Phenom - exploratory stage
  • Janeway - exploratory stage
  • BenchPress - exploratory stage

To keep up to date with the new version of iThenticate and peer review management systems integration news, please check our roadmap

:pencil2: Do let us know in the comments below if you are using a peer review system not included on our roadmap (or have any questions about our Similarity Check service)


UPDATE - Two peer review management systems are getting ready to migrate their users to iThenticate v2:

  • ScholarOne will be migrating their users to iThenticate v2 between the 18th of July and the 3rd of August 2022. If you are a ScholarOne user and your organisation has not heard from us, please let us know.

  • Editorial Manager is preparing to release their iThenticate v2 integration to their users. We will be contacting Similarity Check subscribers who use Editorial Manager in the coming weeks with a view to invite those users to upgrade from Monday 1 September 2022.

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UPDATE - Scholastica now includes the option to integrate with iThenticate v2. For more information, please read Scholastica’s press release and contact if you have any questions about this integration.

UPDATE - on Phenom, Manuscript Manager, Scholastica and Editorial Manager:

  • Phenom are planning to release their integration in 2023, Q1

  • Manuscript Manager are now at the exploratory stage

  • Scholastica - last month we reached out to Crossref members using Scholastica to make them aware that the platform now includes the option to integrate with iThenticate v2. If you are a Scholastica users and have not received an email from us, please get in touch:

  • Editorial Manager - we are planning to reach out to Editorial Manager users and invite them to upgrade to iThenticate v2 by the end of November.

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UPDATE - for Editorial Manager users:

UPDATE - for Manuscript Manager users

  • We are planning to reach out to Manuscript Manager users and invite them to upgrade to iThenticate v2 in the next month or so.

  • The following peer review management systems are now fully integrated with iThenticate v2: eJournalPress, ScholarOne, Editorial Manager and Scholastica. If you use one of these platforms and have not yet upgraded to iThenticate v2 and are now ready to do so, you can get in touch with us via our Support team

Hi Crossref team,
This is Arun from Kriyadocs, a document workflow collaboration system in the Peer Review & Production ecosystem. Our publishing clients are using iThenticate v2 and we need to enable their access to the API for our system to inegrate. Their credentials allow creation of API key but the last step of adding the API key to MTS is something we need your help on. Please advice. let me know if I can mail you from my official ID.

Hi Arun,

Many thanks for getting in touch. Could you email me at and I’ll explain how to integrate with iThenticate v2 ?

Best wishes.