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My name is Johanssen Obanda. I joined Crossref in February 2023 as a Community Engagement Manager to look after the Ambassadors program and help with other outreach activities. I work remotely from Kenya, where there is increasing interest in improving the exposure of scholarship by Kenyan researchers and ultimately by the wider community of African researchers. In this blog, I’m sharing the experience and insights of my first 4 months in this role.

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Amazing to read. Thank you for your insights into your work!



Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet you.


Thank you, Dave. And nice to meet you too!

Thank you Kay. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for sharing your experience Johannssen. I’m interested in becoming a Crossref ambassador for the French-speaking Caribbean. Can anybody provide some guidance?


Hello @Flefranc,
Thank you for expressing your interest to become a Crossref Ambassador. Please read more about the Ambassadors program and use the form embedded to submit your application at Ambassadors - Crossref
and we will be in touch.

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hello great experience of yours pls share the most of it

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Hello @hacky23. Thank you very much, please find the whole article at

Hi Johanssen,
Thanks for the invitation! :smiley:
Where is the ambassadors’ space?
Have a good day

Nice and informative article Sir.

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