Problem with payment of an invoice

Dear Sirs.
I have a problem with the payment of an invoice, which I am informed as paid from my bank in Spain, but to which you charge me an outstanding balance in your favor.
I am sending you several e-mails to try to solve this issue, but you do not answer me, and you are threatening to suspend our account this Friday, May 19.
I have even tried to pay this differential with my personal credit cards, not the corporate ones, risking to lose that money, but your portal does not accept them either.
There is no way they will reply to the emails sent to me, and I am already very desperate.
Please, could you help me?
Thank you very much.

Hi @murcia ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum. Amy on our billing team was in touch about this early today (using our Zendesk software) on those messages you sent us via email.

Let us know if you have any additional questions,

Hello, @ifarley
Indeed, we are in touch.
Let’s see if we can solve this problem as soon as possible.
Thank you very much
PS: By the way, @murcia is our corporate name. Mine is Francisco.

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Hi @unicach.liminar ,

Thanks for your question. Can you please send us your Crossref username and/or DOI prefix to so our billing team can assist you?

Thanks in advance,