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Peace be upon you. I have a question: How do I edit an xml file when two dois are made for the same article with different sources, different suffixes, and the same prefix? Please help

Hi @rwaida ,

Thanks for your message. What do you mean by the same article with different sources? A journal article published/registered in two different journals?


An article in one magazine was registered twice, meaning it now has two dois, with the source on which the doi was registered differing.

Thanks for the additional details. What do you mean that the source on which the DOI was registered is differing? Do you mean that the DOI was registered using a different process or Crossref tool? Maybe one of the DOIs was registered using our web deposit form and the other was registered using OJS?

If you have two DOIs for the same journal article published in the same journal, you’ll want to alias the DOI that will not be maintained (the alias DOI) to the DOI that will be maintained going forward (the primary DOI). With that alias in place, we can signal to end users which DOI should be the definitive DOI for the work going forward. You can learn more about establishing that primary/alias relationship between these two DOIs here: Conflict report - Crossref

I’m also happy to help if you can let me know the DOIs and which should be the primary DOI that will be maintained for this work going forward.

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وبعدها قامت الجامعة باستخدام نظام المجلات المفتوح ojs. وهذا النظام يقوم بتسجيل doi تلقائيا
فاصبح للمقالة اثنين doi
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في اثنين، 8 يناير، 2024 في 4:28 م، كتب Isaac Farley via Crossref Community Forum <>:

في اثنين، 8 يناير، 2024 في 7:27 م، كتب RWAIDA ALJADI <>:

I see. If you could identify the pair of DOIs for the registered content - using a .txt or .csv file - and let me know which of the DOIs in the pair should be maintained and which should be aliased (hidden), I can get the DOI pairs aliased together.

So, a file formatted like this would be ideal for me:

Primary          Alias
10.xxxx/primary1 10.xxxx/alias1
10.xxxx/primary2 10.xxxx/alias2
10.xxxx/primary3 10.xxxx/alias3

I have a question: Why is the upload an error when uploading an xml file that contains a large number of articles?

Hi @rwaida ,

What is the error message you are seeing? Can you provide the error? Submission ID from our system? Or, the XML that you are attempting to register?


<record_diagnostic Status=“Failure” msg_id=“4”>
لم تتم معالجة السجل لأن الإصدار المقدم: 1704882052 أقل أو يساوي الإصدار المقدم مسبقًا 1704882052

What is the submission ID from our system? It should be directly above the information that you have copied and pasted to us?

It will look like this: