Recreate new DOI for the journal articles registered DOI

My journal registered DOI for some articles through the OJS Crossref plugin a few days ago.
Currently, we checked that there are three articles registered DOIs: 10.58810/vhujs.6.5.2019.384; 10.58810/vhujs.8.5.2022.381, 10.58810/vhujs.8.5.2022.380
But now we want to change our DOI structure (change suffix) that we created before, so I wonder whether we can recreate other DOIs for these articles following our new DOI form?

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Hi @linhvt ,
1. Fist define the new suffix.
2. In the OJS (DOI Plugin Settings) change for a new pattern for DOI suffixes and SAVE. The new generated DOIs will already have the new suffix and will not change the previously generated DOIs.

3. New submissions and publications will already have the new suffix. Check Article Metadata for the change to the new suffix.

New submission:

New publication:

This is an example to change in OJS only. Test before publishing.

For other question about change, the Crossref team will respond @ifarley

Hope this helps. :grinning:

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Hi @edamasio,
Thanks for your explanation.
Hope you have a great Monday.