Reference Deposits--Book Chapter

Hi folks–

We’re new to Crossref, and I’m relatively new to XML. I’m working on depositing references for our content and am struggling to create a citation for a single book chapter (i.e., the chapter is cited in the article, but the book as a whole is not). Are there any good examples of this kind of XML record? Thanks!


Hi Shelby,

Thanks for your post.

As always, if chapter has a DOI and you know what that DOI is, the best option is to just submit the DOI itself as the reference. That’s very straightforward in the xml:

<citation key="[key value]">
<doi>[cited work's DOI]</doi>

If the chapter doesn’t have a DOI or you don’t know what it is, you can always submit the whole formatted citation as the reference, using whatever citation style the author submitted. That’s also pretty simple in the xml:

<citation key="[key value]">
<unstructured_citation>[full formatted reference]</unstructured_citation>

You can find examples of both those options on our documentation site here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks Shayn–the rest of the list is structured to was looking to be consistent! Sort of related, is it correct that resource-only deposits are using schema 4.4.2?

Yes, that’s correct. The resource-only deposits have a distinct schema from the full metadata deposit schema. The currently supported version is 4.4.2. You can find the schema itself here

And documentation for it here