Relationships endpoint update and Event Data API sunsetting

We have been talking for some time about building a new endpoint that combines Event Data, references, and relationship metadata to deliver all of the ‘relationships’ we know about in metadata via a single endpoint. The good news is that this project is nearly complete.

At the end of October we will have the first version ready. It will include reference and relationship metadata, including data citations from DataCite. The rest of Event data will soon follow.

The next steps for Event Data

To focus on the new infrastructure, we have decided to stop access to the Event Data query API on 30 November 2023. This is a sign of the progress that we have made on the relationships endpoint, but also recognises that Event Data has not been performing well and we have not had the resources to improve its stability. Note that both the events and Scholix endpoints will be unavailable after this date.

All Event Data will be available through the relationships endpoint. We expect to schedule the transfer by the end of the year, and the full dataset will be available at the latest by the end of January 2024. This may mean that there is a time when events are not accessible, however we will continue to collect new events and you will eventually be able to back-fill from the new endpoint.

How to access relationships

We will announce the location of the relationships endpoint at the end of this month. The initial focus is on delivering data citations, however it will also include a large number of other relationship types. We will make notebooks available to demonstrate its capabilities and guide you on how to make queries.

On 31 October 2023 I will be demonstrating the relationships endpoint as part of the product demos during our LIVE23 event. To find out more please come along.


There is a Colab Notebook from the LIVE event yesterday with some motivation and examples of relationships.

The endpoint is currently available for use at Note that we are currently still backfiling data, and expect to finish the process of including Crossref metadata and citations from DataCite in around two weeks.

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We have decided that the Event Data Query API will remain available until 5 January 2024. The replacement platform is functional at, however we have not yet been able to load all data citations into it. We would therefore like to give users additional time to test services based on the new endpoint.

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We’re continuing to experience some difficulties rolling out the new endpoint. Two tasks are left: fully back-filling the database with items from before November 2023, and looking up the types for DataCite DOIs. Given that we haven’t managed to solve these yet we will push back the data for turning off the Event Data Query API to Wednesday 24 January 2024.

We plan to start adding Event Data to the relationships endpoint during January, but the process is likely to continue into February. We will therefore push back the date for Event Data to be fully available as relationships to the end of February. The timescale for sunsetting the current Event Data query API remains 24 January.

For more details on the current status of the relationships endpoint, see this post.

We’ve had some significant difficulties rolling out the relationships endpoint. We therefore won’t be turning off the Event Data query API for the time being. We apologise for any inconvenience and will keep posting updates here about future plans for Event Data.

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