Relationships "finances" and "isFinancedBy" not yet supported – OK to use nevertheless?

The schema (5.3.1) notes that the @relationship-type values “finances” and “isFinancedBy” are not yet supported. Does this mean only that these relationships are not yet processed in Event Data and we can currently submit DOI deposit XML using these values, and in future once the values are supported those relationships will be created? Or will DOI deposit XML that contains these values be rejected, even though it is valid according to the schema?

Hello @rhiannon-ppl,

Thank you for the post.

Can you send me a link to the section in the schema that mentions they are not yet supported, it could be a documentation error as it does not mention it here: Schema documentation for relations.xsd

We are currently working on a new relationships API which include all relationships in it so this would show if the XML deposit is successful.

Have you had any deposits fail because of those relationships?

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