Remove DOI and add correct DOI

Good afternoon
He made a mistake by indicating the wrong DOI in two articles in the journal VRACH of the Russian Doctor publishing house.
You need to remove the DOI and add the correct DOI. Thank you10.29296/0.29296/25877305-2024-02-05 10.29296/10.29296/25877305-2024-02-08 Needs to be replaced with 10.29296/25877305-2024-02-05 , 10.29296/25877305-2024-02-08

Hello, and thanks for your message.

While we can always update or add to DOI metadata, the DOIs themselves cannot be altered, deleted, or withdrawn once they’ve been created.

Please keep in mind that DOI suffixes are not intended to be meaningful or ‘readable’ by a user. Though we know some publishers use patterns that indicate various metadata elements in the suffixes (page numbers, issns, author names, etc.), these are not necessary. A suffix is simply an arbitrary identifier.

So, if you can, it’s best to just adapt your publications to use the DOIs that you happened to register, rather than the ones you intended to register.

However, if you have already published or distributed the intended DOIs out to users (including the articles’ authors), and so can’t just switch the intended DOI, you still cannot simply change DOI A (incorrect suffix) to DOI B (correct suffix) directly, once DOI A has been deposited.

Here’s what you’ll have to do instead:

  1. Submit a new deposit for DOI B the same way you deposit/register any DOI

  2. In that deposit, include the same metadata (article title, authors, page number, etc.) that you included in the deposit for DOI A

  3. This will create a ‘conflict’ in our system, since two DOIs have the same metadata. You can resolve the conflict by aliasing DOI A to DOI B - that way you’ll only have to maintain DOI B going forward.

  4. To resolve the conflict, follow the steps outlined here:

  5. If, for whatever reason, the conflict isn’t flagged, you can ‘force’ a primary-alias relationship between two DOIs using the steps outlined here:

DOI B is the ‘primary’ and DOI A is the ‘alias’ in this scenario. You can repeat this process for however many "DOI A"s and "DOI B"s you need to create and alias.