Resolution report returns JS related errors

I was hoping someone could give me some ideas on the recent errors that started appearing on our resolution reports.

Our journals are hosted on Drupal, and we have recently implemented some custom scoring for our articles using some java script. Since this implementation of the custom js on the page, our doi resolution report is returning drupal js related errors that we are not sure about.

For example, an error like this would be included in the report.

Any ideas why is the doi resolution report complaining about the js scripts on the page?


Hello @ags.angelides ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the Community Forum.

The information in the monthly resolution report that we send to our member contacts is really just a count of clicks.

In your example, DOI 10.15420/ECR.2019.13.1/CORE/MISC/DRUPALSETTINGSLOADER.JS is appearing on the failed .csv report within your resolution report because at least one person or machine attempted to resolve (click) that DOI in the previous month. So, the resolution report isn’t exactly complaining about the js scripts; instead, it’s reporting back to you that someone or some machine clicked during the previous month.

We’re passing that along to you because sometimes that failed .csv report contains legitimate DOIs that our members indeed intended to register (but, they may have had errors in their submissions that prevented those registrations).

I would advise you to ignore this failed report, unless the monthly counts are substantial (e.g., 50+ failed resolutions for a DOI). In that case, you may wish to track down the origins of these failures. In the case of this DOI, we have a couple of places now that might be generating clicks for DOI 10.15420/ECR.2019.13.1/CORE/MISC/DRUPALSETTINGSLOADER.JS - this post and maybe something in your code is generating what looks like a legitimate DOI to your end users?

My best,

Hi Isaac,

thank you for your reply. I think this clarifies things a little and we will try and track down why we can trigger these clicks.


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