Retrieving all aliased DOIs for a prefix

Is there a way to retrieve all the DOIs for a prefix (10.xxxx) that have been aliased to another DOI?
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Hi @BessM ,

That’s a good question! We have the conflict reports that list the DOIs in conflict member-by-member, but a list of primary/alias DOIs isn’t available through a public-facing report. It’s also not available programmatically from our REST API. That said, we do have an internal report we can run to give you the primary and aliased DOIs on a prefix. Which prefix do you need this report for?


10.5962 please! Thank you! Bess

Here you are @BessM .

ALIASED_DOIs_and_their_PRIME_DOIS_for_given_prefix_10.5962.xls (75.5 KB)

Perfect! Thank you! Bess

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