Retrieving older metadata after an update

Hi. Is it possible to retrieve older metadata after it’s been updated, please? I’m doing:

I believe the article title has been recently corrected by the publisher but I wanted to check the older version, if possible.


Hi Felipe,

There is no publicly accessible change log or any other way of accessing older versions of metadata associated with a particular DOI.

If the publisher themselves (in this case, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) wants to confirm the success of a metadata update or view the metadata history for one of their DOI, we have instructions they can use for that on our documentation site.

With regard to 10.14358/PERS.85.7.475 I can confirm that the publisher did update its metadata on October 14th 2021. It looks like they initially registered it with the article title as title of the recurring column (Grids and Datums), rather than the specific article title of that instance of the column. So, they updated the metadata to correct that error. Now the article title is “Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria”.

This is a fairly common sort of metadata error, or at least an unideal practice. For example, it’s not unusual to find the article title “Book Review”. But, we’re always glad to see those issues pointed out and updated with more useful metadata.



Hi Shayn, thank you for the confirmation.

I had contacted the publisher suggesting the title correction a while ago. I’m glad they are following through.

It seems they’re in the middle of a batch update, it might take some time to correct all articles in that column:

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