ROR pre-release notice -- organization status changes coming December 1, 2022!

Hi all,

As we announced in October, ROR will be releasing organization status changes to the REST API, data dump, and web search interface on December 1, 2022. These changes support cases where an organization has ceased to operate, merged with another organization, or was added to ROR in error.

These changes are non-breaking and are compatible with the current ROR schema, but all users of ROR are encouraged to explore and test the changes.

What’s changing?

  • Two new values, “inactive” and “withdrawn,” will appear in the status field in a small number of ROR records. Currently, all records in ROR have a status with the value “active.”
  • Two new relationship types, “Predecessor” and “Successor,” will appear in the relationships field in a small number of ROR records.
  • API and web search interface results will default to records with a status of “active” only. The data dump will include records with all status types.
  • New filters and parameters in the API and the web search interface will allow users to find and exclude records based on status, as in the following example:

Read the full documentation of these changes, explore more examples, and see options for pre-release testing.

Feedback welcomed on the ROR Community Roadmap discussion board.