ROR Release Day! Changes to ROR API are live, plus ROR registry v1.15

After more than six months of planning, community feedback, implementation, and testing, we’re thrilled to announce that today we have released a set of changes to the ROR API that allow us to support cases where an organization has ceased to operate, has merged with another organization, or was added to ROR in error.

In essence, we’ve added two new allowable values to the status field: “inactive” and “withdrawn.” We’ve also introduced new values in the relationships field for “Successor” and “Predecessor” organizations. The ROR web search and API will both return only “active” records by default, but we’ve added new status filters to both so that you can retrieve inactive and withdrawn records as well.

Read all about the ROR API changes on the changelog.

In conjunction with these changes, we have also issued a new version of the ROR registry, v1.15, which includes for the first time records whose status is “inactive” or “withdrawn.” No new records were added, but 148 total records were updated: 103 records were made inactive, 9 records were withdrawn, and 36 records received ordinary updates. Please note that the newest version of the ROR data dump on Zenodo contains all records regardless of status.

Read all about v.1.5 of the ROR Registry in the release notes.

Thanks so much to all who gave feedback and helped us test! If you have any feedback about the changes, feel free to reply to this post or write

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