ROR Webinar on April 29

Hi all,

Crossref is one of the ROR (Research Organization Registry) partners, and we’ll start to support the deposit of ROR iDs in the next release of our schema to support the accurate provision of affiliation information for contributors. If you are interested in learning about the details of ROR, there’s a free webinar coming up -

The webinar will also be recorded if you can’t make it on the day.


Cool, I’m excited to learn more about it! I’m also advertising it on ABEC mailing/social media!

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Thanks Bruna! We’ll also plan to do more on the Crossref side too, once the new schema comes out that supports ROR.

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Anyone interested in catching up on the webinar, there’s a link to it here:

And another update on this. As part of my work on the ROR Outreach group we’ve created a request on GitLab for PKP to review regarding the implementation of ROR on OJS. I know that a lot of people who joined the webinar were very keen for this to be an option. If so, there’s a chance to review, add comments and ‘upvote’ the request here:

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If anyone has feedback on the ROR plugin work - especially on multiple affiliations and multilingual affiliations is currently needed. How do you deal with these issues in your publishing house or journal?

You can provide feedback in the GitLab ticket here:

Thanks for any help!

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