Ticket of the month - April 2023 - The new Labs Reports are here


The new Labs Report tool is available to use!

Here are the Labs Reports where you can search and compare against multiple members to find out the metadata coverage they have with us and where they can make it more comprehensive.

There is also a new overview section, with even more information about the member, and even downloadable quarterly deposit reports. We created this new reporting tool based on feedback from the existing Participation Reports. So we hope you will find the additions and updates really useful.

This is not a production service yet so there will be some bugs and also intermittent performance issues so do bear with us on this. You can also report any issues by creating a new ticket in the issues section of the repository for the reports: Issues · crossref / labs / crossref-labs-reports · GitLab

I have also created a quick demo video of our new Labs Reports to help you get to grips with the basics of the reports.

I hope this can help with improving the metadata coverage for all of our members.