To register or not register general interest publications?

We primarily publish peer-reviewed geoscience research and geologic maps, and plan to register DOIs for our past and future work.

However, we also publish general interest books and periodicals that are intended for an interested but non-technical audience (e.g. K-12 teachers, legislators, etc.). Generally, these publications do not have rigorous citations.

Our general interest publications contain up to date geoscience and could possibly be cited in academic research, but they really shouldn’t be considered primary sources, so that would likely be infrequent.

Should we register DOIs for these works? How have other publishers handled this?

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Hello, and thanks for your post.

Our general guidance is that you should register content that is part of the research ecosystem, with special emphasis on content that is likely to be cited.

Your general interest publications might fall into a bit of grey area, in which case, it’s really up to you to decide whether you’d find utility in their inclusion.


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