Цитаты в статьях из журнала Музыкальный журнал Европейского Севера

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DOI журнала 10.61908

Название журнала: Музыкальный журнал Европейского Севера.

Не очень понятно, видно ли цитаты из статей в Cited-by и как их найти?

Hello @GNadezhda ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum!

Members can participate in Cited-by by completing the following steps:

  1. Deposit references for one or more prefixes as part of your content registration process. Use your Participation Report to see your progress with depositing references. This step is not mandatory, but highly recommended to ensure that your citation counts are complete.
  2. We will match the metadata in the references to DOIs to establish Cited-by links in the database. As new content is registered, we automatically update the citations and, for those members with Cited-by alerts enabled, we notify you of the new links.
  3. Retrieve citations through a URL query or the admin tool.
  4. Display the links on your website. We recommend displaying citations you retrieve on DOI landing pages, for example:

Example landing page with Cited-by display

If you are a member through a Sponsor, you may have access to Cited-by through your sponsor – please contact them for more details. OJS users can use the Cited-by plugin.

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