TypeError: publications[pubDoi] is undefined

Hi all!
I have this message when I deposit articles (included in a issue): TypeError: publications[pubDoi] is undefined.
Can anyone help me? I don’t know where is the mistake… This is my first time using metadata manager. Thanks!

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Hi @isabelruiz! Welcome to the community forum.

I’d like to take a closer look at your account. Can you share with me your username or DOI prefix so I can take a closer look. There are a couple of underlying causes of this TypeError - some I can fix and others require the intervention of our technical team.

Looking forward to more details,

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@isabelruiz, Welcome to the community.

@ifarley is the good technical supporter. He helped me many a times to solve the problems.

Thanks for the details, @isabelruiz!

Unfortunately, It looks like you have found a bug in Metadata Manager. My apologies! Nothing is wrong with the metadata you have entered into Metadata Manager, but the XML that is being generated specifically for the tag of your issue-level contributors is invalid. That’s on our end. I have add your details to the existing issue we are using to track this bug. You can follow the discussion here: https://gitlab.com/crossref/metadata_manager/issues/25.

I have removed those contributors from the issue-level metadata in Metadata Manager and then successfully registered your DOIs for you. You may add the issue-level contributors back to the issue-level metadata once we have this bug fixed.

I’m very sorry for this inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Dear @ifarley, thanks a lot for fixing temporary the problem. DOI numbers are working properly ;).
Can you confirm if you will notice me/us when the problem was solved? If you don’t mind, I will contact again when we were working with our next issue (December).
Best regards and thanks for your help!

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Hi @isabelruiz,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for that specific fix at this time. We have a freeze on all non-essential Metadata Manager bug fixes at this time, and since this metadata can be added using XML, we have not yet prioritized that issue (https://gitlab.com/crossref/metadata_manager/-/issues/25). Please feel free to check back in with me for your next issue and I can provide an update.

I wish I had a more satisfying answer for you,