Uploading new information in DOI

I made a new submission, the DOI was generated and now when I try to search the DOI, in https://0-search-crossref-org.pugwash.lib.warwick.ac.uk/ it returns with nothing, moreover, I am very new to crossref and learned everything, but now I want to change the whole information of already provided DOI. is it possible, or I can only change some information regarding the DOI, like title authors dates etc. Any help would be appriciated

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What is the DOI that you are trying to search against? It can take up to 48 hours for the DOI to sync across to the search tool but you can check to see if it has made it to the XML API which it will get to quicker.

You can view all of the metadata against a DOI by adding the DOI to the end of this link and clicking on it or pasting it into your browser address bar:

(you might need an xml viewer extension on your browser to view the xml in a more user friendly way)

We can change all parts of the metadata against a DOI, however the actual format/structure of the DOI itself cannot be changed or deleted once registered.

A successful redeposit of the metadata to the system will overwrite the current metadata that is against the DOI so you can update the metadata against the DOI that way.

Which parts of the metadata need updating?

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Hi Davis, thanks very much for your reply, actually as I was new, I tried to register a DOI with some information, but after the acceptance of the article the information has been changed, and I need to update whole different metadata (information) regarding the generated DOI. I understand that the DOI once registered cant be changed, I don’t need to change it, I just need to use another paper’s information for the same DOI link.

But my question is how to upload new data on the same DOI, I can’t figure out how.
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I have more things to add also because it is really urgent and I am running out of time. I tried to submit metadata for another Journal article, I tried two times, and both times I received that I have submitted the XML successfully but after that, no email was received, regarding the submission ID.

or would you be kind enough to delete the information of the two DOI so that I can start to input new ones?
I need to update the titles author informations everything, I am sorry for the trouble this is the first time i am using Crossref. Moreover I am not able to access your videos on Youtube as I am in China, and the website is blocked.

DOI no. 1 : 10.18702/acf.2021.
DOI no. 2 : 10.18702/acf.2021.

Hello @ADSingh,

How did you register the DOI with us originally?

So you should be able to deposit the content to us exactly the same way as you did to register it but with all of
the updated metadata in it. Then the new deposit will overwrite the current metadata that we have on the system.

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thanks for the information I will try, thanks once again.