What is a conference serie?


I will register about 150 conferences via xml deposit. This conference proceedings are independent and come from various institutions : we just provide them a place on our website ans we act as an editor in that case.

I am wandering wich type of content we should use :

  • standalone conferences : independant xml files for each conference
  • conferences serie : in this case we do not have an issn, but we can ask one if it’s mandatory
  • choose a different approach like : journal / articles ?

Best regards,

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Hi @fabula ,

Thanks for your message. Using our web deposit form to register these as a stand-alone conference or a ‘single publication’ conference proceeding is the best strategy here, since it sounds like the conferences themselves are one-off publications:

Comparatively, if these conferences recurred - many conferences are held annually (or, on some other frequency) - then those conferences would be registered as a series and including an ISSN in the metadata registered would be best practice.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions,

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Thank you !
It’s very clear those conferences are one-off publications so I will choose the single publication option.

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