What's my prefix + other newbie questions

Hi all. We’re new here and I’m having troubles finding my way through all the docs.
Basically I have 3 questions:

Where can I find our pre defined prefix? the docs mention it would be created for us

I understand that the best practice is to generae random suffixes. Is that so?

Is there any simple, generic, documented XML example we can see, that contains only the REQUIRED data?

Thanks in advance

Itay B
Israeli Medical Assoc.

Darn. Didn’t mean to shout like this. Sorry…

Hello @itayb,

Have you become a member with Crossref yet? A prefix will be assigned to you once you have completed the membership application.

We do recommend that DOI suffixes are opaque as a best practice, but there are many non-opaque suffixes out there. We treat DOIs as if they’re opaque, regardless, in that the only meaning we acknowledge according to a DOI comes from its metadata record.

And, it’s far more important that the DOIs be unique (as in no duplicates) and persistant, than it is they be obviously opaque.

We would always recommend adding as much metadata to the DOI record as possible and if you are new to depositing content to us, here is a great page in our education docs that helps you choose on a registration method available: https://0-www-crossref-org.pugwash.lib.warwick.ac.uk/documentation/member-setup/choose-content-registration-method/

It also has links to the registration methods and all of their documentation that is needed to get started.

Here is a link to some example XML files that could help you also: Example XML metadata - Crossref

Many thanks,

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