Where to report incorrect metadata?


New to Crossref, so apologies for asking a naive question. I’m doing a literature review using Crossref for citation mapping and I’m running into an issue with article that has missing authors. I’m sure it’s an oversight, so I’d like to know where to report it. Is there somewhere here on Crossref? Or do I alert the journal? Some other entity?


Hi Max,

Thanks for your question.

Ultimately, it’s only the item’s publisher that is empowered to changed the metadata assocaited with a DOI. So, if you do have a way to reach the journal editors or publisher, that’s the most direct option.

If you can’t get ahold of a particular publisher, or they’re unresponsive, you can pass the feedback to us at support@crossref.org and we’ll forward it along to our contacts at the relevant publisher.


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