Working with Crossref & Crossref Services, Old and New - Pubmet Workshop, 18 September 2019

This 60-minute workshop will cover ways to register content with Crossref, new tools (Metadata Manager, Participation Reports) and planned developments (identifiers for organizations/ROR). We would also like to take time to answer your questions and to find out what would make your interactions with Crossref simple.

Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. We will look at the ways in which publishers register their content with Crossref, including tools to help make this process easier, particularly for those not familiar with working with XML. We will discuss some of the discovery tools that Crossref has created to ensure that our members research goes further as well as some of the additional services that Crossref members can participate in which aid research discoverability, integrity, and reproducibility.

As we only have one hour and a lot of content to cover, it would be a great help if you could submit any questions you have in advance. Do you want to learn more about a specific service? Different methods to register your content? How comprehensive metadata can make your research more discoverable? Are you hearing about Crossref for the first time? This would be really useful to know to make sure your questions are answered during the workshop. You can submit questions or general comments here, after the workshop I will also share useful links and further resources.

If possible please bring a laptop along with you to the workshop as we will be working from a shared google-doc for notes and there will be some short interactive activities to take part in.

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you al in Zadar.

Kind regards,


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Dear Vanessa, I accidentally missed the workshop on September 18th. I hope it doesn’t hurt our relationship. Now there is a big load on my main job, but I will definitely read all the texts on your website about the changes in the work of Crossref. In addition, let me ask you to answer my letters from 13.09.2019 and 18.09.2019. I need to plan a trip to the visa center in Moscow, and without an invitation letter from Crossref I can not do it.

Hi Angela,

Sorry you were unable to attend but do not worry about this.
With regards to your travel arrangements for LIVE19, I have prepared the invitation letter and will send you this today, sorry for the delay. I will also make a flight and hotel reservation for you for your visa application. Speak to you soon and don’t worry!

Nice to hear that Angela is coming to Live 19. I hope that more ambassadors will attend this event.

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