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Hello - We have two journal issues that are failing to deposit due to the following error: “The abstract for Article 363707 could not be generated. This resource has been attempted for deposit 3 times. Please try again later.” We had our vendor review the XML coding, and they’ve shared that they haven’t changed the way they have been tagging abstracts, so we are not sure what is wrong. I compared the XML on these articles with a past issue and I could find no difference in the tagging – the only difference was line breaks following the tags. Would that cause an error? Does anyone more tech savvy than me have suggestions? Thank you!

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Cosplayers create elaborate costumes with fantastic details and effects imitating the visual and material culture artifacts and features of fictional characters. As such, cosplay costumes balance wearability for the cosplayer and accuracy to the selected character’s appearance. Further challenges to accurate portrayals are costumes that need to be animated or made from materials resembling the visuals originally created using animation or CGI. This article employs Tzvetan Todorov’s theory that suggests the fantastic is a liminal moment of hesitation between belief and disbelief. The author also draws on the concepts of Steven Shaviro’s “tactile convergence” and Sarah Gilligan’s “tactile transmediality,” where the material real-world qualities of cosplayers’ costumes cross between the fictional imaginative space of the story and the lived material body. This analysis further highlights how cosplayers spend extraordinary amounts of time and money on their costumes to portray fantastic characters with transmedial qualities and narratives regarding the character’s appearance.

Apologies my example is useless! All the tags disappeared upon posting, but perhaps I can share some other way…

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your question.

That error is not coming from us. It’s happening on the vender or platform side, in the process of their constructing the xml, well before that xml is submitted to Crossref.

So, unfortunately, that’s not something we can help you with.

The error message itself is also pretty vague, so I can’t really guess at what the problem with the tagging might be. You can find our documentation on abstract tagging here, and overall schema documentation here. But it’s very possible that the error has nothing to do with the constraints of the xml schema, and is more related to something else in the crosswalk/conversion code.


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Thank you so much for your speedy response! I will check back with our platform host (they asked us to contact you because they weren’t sure of the problem). I appreciate your help!

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