Add crossmark button in OJS 3

Hi @staff @Crossrefsupport @Crossref_Support @Crossref-team

I want add crossmark button in html pages, in OJS my theme (Health Sciences Theme).

<!-- Start Crossmark Snippet v2.0 -->
<script src=""></script>
 <a data-target="crossmark"><img src="" width="150" /></a>
<!-- End Crossmark Snippet -->

And this :
<meta name="dc.identifier" content="doi:10.5555/12345678"/>

Help me please. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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OJS is not our system, so we’re limited in how much detail we can provide in using it. So, we can’t really tell you exactly how to edit the html landing pages in your OJS instance, only that they have to be edited to add the meta tag and Crossmark script, if you want to implement Crossmark.

You may want to search the PKP Community Forum to see if anyone there has successfully implemented Crossmark in OJS and is willing to share their experience.

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