Como desfazer a transferência de títulos

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Estou como editor adjunto da Revista Museologia e Patrimônio. Estava inserindo os dados na Crossref no Metadata Manager. Os dois primeiros artigos foram cadastrados com sucesso, no entanto, quando fui colocar os demais percebi que cometi um erro e ao invés de adicionar artigos acabei por transferir a títulos… Gostaria de desfazer o erro.

Revista Museologia e Patrimônio

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Thanks for the post.

So have you registered the articles as journals on Metadata Manager and then deposited those to us? Or have you made a mistake with the articles themselves. If you could elaborate a little further on your issue then I will certainly try to help resolve this for you.

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Dear Paul,

This is the first time that we are entering data in the crossref. was working on inserting new articles into the Metada Manager Beta. After inserting all the articles that were as a draft, I clicked on transfering titles and all the submissions that were in my area disappeared. Only then did I realize my mistake. You should have clicked on deposit result.

Now I don’t have access to the area created for Revista Museologia e Patrimônio.

I thank the attention.


You should be able to add that title back into the workspace in Metadata Manager by entering the title in the search box in the journal container view. Once the title shows up in the list you should be able to click on “add” button next to the title to add it back into the space. You will need to add the articles back in that you entered before I am afraid.

I hope this helps and if you have any further question or queries on this then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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