CrossRef XML Export Plugin install

Dear technical support,
The current status of our DOI code is that the plugin is not fully installed, How can i setup it quickly?
Thank you

Hello @LeLong,

Thanks for your message.

Are you referring to the OJS plugin?

Unfortunately, OJS is not our system so we’re limited in how much we can help you in its use.

You can see our page on how to configure the plugin with Crossref here:

You can also learn more at PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual, plus there’s a very active PKP Community Forum which has more information on how to modify your OJS instance to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref.

Alternatively you can contact the Support team at PKP, the organization responsible for the Open Journal System (OJS).


Dear @pdavis,
I have updated your comments, Our IT is working on OJS plugin.
Thank you for your support,
Best regards,
Phuong Long Le