DataCite to CrossRef DOI migration

Hello, community forum members and Crossref staff! My organisation publishes two open access journals related to media history on OJS, for which we assign DOIs to every article. We also have a repository for which we occasionally assign DOIs to reports written by staff or to conference proceedings.

Until last year we did so through DataCite. After we switched from using OJS hosted in-house to an external hosting service, we decided to change DOI service provider as well. Our DOI prefix meanwhile has been transferred from DataCite to Crossref.

What remains to happen is that we re-register our 247 existing DOIs with Crossref to make sure we can manage them from here on out. We have obtained our DataCite XML export. Could somebody here tell us whether there is a DataCite Schema >> Crossref Schema mapper available? I’m assuming this should be in the form of an XSLT. I’d love to get in touch with people who have made this migration before.

With kind regards, and thanks for your assistance,

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Hi @erwinverb. Welcome to the community forum. I’m not aware of any Datacite to Crossref schema mapper, but if there is one available, I’d love to know about it, since it is something that comes up for our members who are transitioning. Unfortunately, those transitions haven’t been so common that we have prioritized building something like this ourselves. That said, our schema documentation is here, which could be helpful for your work: and full XML samples are available here:

Please let me know what else we can do to help.

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I can help. I am familiar with Crossref’s deposit schema and so don’t expect converting the DataCite metadata for use at Crossref’s will be difficult. (I have not used DataCite’s schema, however.) The solution would likely be a one time Perl script. If you do want my help send an email to


Thanks for your replies @ifarley and @andrewgilmartin :raised_hands: - I’ve reached out via mail.

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Best of luck to both of you on this. We’re here should you have questions as you go.