Hello! Help solve the problem.
In OJS I use the CrossRef XML Export Plugin.
An error occurs while exporting: Unable to add new DOI: Error(403): AUTHENTICATION FAILED.
The same error appears when entering data into the metadata manager.

Hi @nmup,

Thanks for your message. We may need to get into the specifics of your credentials (and, thus confidential information), so I’m going to respond to your enquiry from our support desk.

More as soon as I have some answers,

Hi @nmup

This is an issue with your credentials. We made a mistake in the credentials we pass to the handle system when configuring your account. I have corrected that error, but it can take an hour or two for those credentials to re-sync with the handle system. I’ll follow up with you from our support desk once those credentials are in sync. From there, you should be able to resubmit your metadata to us (using either OJS or Metadata Manager) and we’ll process it free of errors.

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OK, thanks!
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Please also check my credentials as I have the same error
(401 Unauthorized)
OJS [CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin]
Prefix: 10.55579
Journal of Advanced Engineering and Computation (JAEC)
Ton Duc Thang University
Thank you

Hi @TKN ,

Your 401 status error is a little different from the previous error reported above.

I believe your issue is related to your OJS version. That is, you’ll need to update your OJS version to resolve these 401 Unauthorized errors. You’ll want to follow the instructions posted by our Product Director, Bryan Vickery, to correct this error: OJS plugin submission failure - #6 by bryanvickery

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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