ERROR 500. Internal Server Error

I submitted new articles on the platform and the internal server error message appeared.

Server Error 500: Internal Server Error

Revista Museologia e Patrimônio

All texts were left as drafts. What should I do?

Thank you for your attention.

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Same here, I cannot even login atm anymore.

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Hello @muspat and @ThomasFKJorna,

Thanks for flagging this. We’re in the middle of an incident - Crossref Status - Slower processing in the admin tool ( today - the submission threads have been stalling over the last week or so, so we have suspended the queue temporarily to sort out the problem. We’re storing your submissions and will process them as soon as possible.

My best,

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Hi @muspat and @ThomasFKJorna,

We’re back to processing your submissions. We’ve got about 60,000 submissions in the backlog at the moment, but we’re processing those as quickly as we can.


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Thank you for the quick response! My submission went through this time, thanks!

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Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for attention…