Member obligations - DOI landing page citation

Good Morning! The Crossref membership obligations include 1)displaying your DOIs on the landing page for your content items, and 2) including a full bibliographic citation on the landing page for the content you are registering and a way to access the full text of the content.

Is it ok to 1) display the DOI on the landing page, and 2) use a “cite” button to open a pop-up window with the citation, citation style options, and citation export options? Instead of having all of this information on the landing page? I see this configuration is many publishers’ databases.

We’re not new Crossref members, but that was the best category I could find. Thanks for your guidance!

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Hi Bess

Thanks for getting in contact.

The purpose of having the bibliographic information on the landing page is so that if a reader follows a DOI to a landing page, they can see at a glance that they’ve arrived at the right place. You don’t need to include all the possible citation options on the landing page, but you do need to have enough information so that the reader can see they’re in the right place. Having the button with the pop up window for all the citation options is fine, but you would also need to make sure that you have the bibliographic information (eg title, journal, authors etc) on the page itself.

I hope this helps.



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