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This is my first foray into the Community Forum, so please advise me if I should post this question elsewhere…

I’m trying to automate (as much as possible) the building of a combined TOC for a journal and I can see that the journal Public Administration (1467-9299) seems to omit the metadata for some volume/issues:
1-2, 1-3
71-1, 71-2
88-1, 88-3, 88-4
and possible some more recent ones, although I’d like to check those.

My question is: should I tell Crossref or should I tell Wiley (the current publisher)? What should I do to please for the missing data to be loaded?

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Registration of volume- and issue-level metadata is entirely optional, so our members may omit these elements from the record. Best practice is to include the volume- and issue-level metadata as richer, accurate metadata increases use and discoverability. You can certainly tell us about the missing metadata, but only Wiley can add the metadata into the metadata record registered with us (as it is their metadata).

This is what we normally tell metadata users who report potential improvements to the record: All DOI metadata is provided to us by our publisher members. Crossref does not update, edit, or correct publisher-provided metadata directly. You may wish to contact the Crossref member, Wiley, for the fastest possible response.

We don’t normally get involved in requests of updates to optional metadata elements, but we can and do contact members about improvements to required metadata.

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Thanks, @ifarley!
I’ll see if I can contact Wiley and point out that they appear to have several issues missing from Crossref…



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Thank you, Colin! Yes, please do. If you haven’t heard back in a few days, do let me know.